Week in Review at 17° CxNW – 5/19/19

Image: Can she ever trust him again? (James Dean and Julie Harris in East of Eden, 1955)

This week on the site we bade adieu to a legend, added an upstart, and noted there are many wine good shops serving Georgetown.  For the second week in a row we did not have to note a removal from the list due to closure.

Restaurant Added to Recommended List:

Timber Pizza Co. – It took us a while to make the trip up to Petworth and try out this much-buzzed about pizza spot.  When we finally did, it was worth the trip.  The toppings and crust are slightly different from what you might expect, but in a good way.  You can find all the recommended restaurants on our site, displayed in either LIST or MAP format.


We added to our growing number of formal reviews with a look at Brasserie Beck.  The Belgian stalwart that started strong, faded and is coming back to be something good. Go for the beer, enjoy the food.


We continue to survey neighborhood wine shops in D.C.  This week it was the north end of Georgetown and Glover Park, including a surprise appearance by the Social Safeway.  Full wine coverage HERE.

Other News:

Rose’s Luxury is returning some of its classic dishes to the menu that had rotated out.  Currently it is Popcorn Soup and Strawberry Pasta.  If you need an excuse to go back, this is a pretty good one.

The L.A. Times Food Section held a debate on the merits of using a star system for rating restaurants.  We argued a few weeks back that the Post should refrain from the practice.  Bill Addison makes the case for the star system, albeit reformed, saying, “Stars circle our heads whether we want them there or not. We can’t avoid them. Sites like Yelp, OpenTable and TripAdvisor encourage users to assign stars, no matter the ambitions or affordability of the restaurant.”  To cite Yelp and TripAdvisor is a self-defeating argument.  By the way, on this site we chose a rating system tries to capture degree of “enthusiasm” in our recommendation rather than an objective, Michelin-style grade and misleading stars.

Finally, we took a moment for the passing of I.M. Pei, the great architect who designed the East Building of the National Gallery of Art and put a pyramid in the Louvre courtyard.