DC Wine Shops – Glover Park

Photo: A bubbly cabinet at Bacchus Wine Cellar

We have been highlighting wine shops around D.C. in the belief that finding a good neighborhood shop is one of the keys to enjoying wine – and we want you to enjoy wine!  For the north end of Georgetown and Glover Park, we think it takes three stores to cover your possible needs:

  • Bacchus Wine Cellar (High End) – Step in and then slightly down to this cute shop in the north end of Georgetown.  Bacchus is serving the high end of the market, though there are some unique and interesting bottles under $30. It has a ridiculous selection of grail wines that may lead you to believe they misplaced a decimal.  Knowledgeable staff can help guide you.
  • Pearson’s (Mid-Range) – It is a local mainstay with a solid inventory of $20-$40 bottles.  They can go under $20, but it is not their strength. They are weak in certain regions like Italy and the liquor selection is limited.  The staff and owner are engaging.
  • Social Safeway (Bargain, Entry-level) – This is one of the nicer surprises in D.C.  There is probably not staff to help but go to town with the volume discount. Large selection of under $20 spread across three!!! aisles, plus beer and a special climate controlled room for nicer bottles. This advice might be helpful.

Honorable Mention: Wide World of Wines is a small storefront that opens to a larger shop.  Selection is somewhat idiosyncratic, or as they say on their site, a “boutique wine merchant.”   They do well on France and some West Coast.  Italy is weaker and Germany is missing.  Stop in and you might find something interesting.





Social Safeway – Wine Section

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