Week in Review – 8/25/19

Image: Edith Piaf & Marlene Dietrich

The Washington populations remained away for recess and vacation (traffic goes back to terrible next week).  So this week, rather than put up a bunch of new content, we decided to just pound away at how great Mirabelle is.  There are a about a dozen restaurants in D.C. that are worth splurging on.  Mirabelle is on our list, but Tom missed the boat, and maybe the point on this place.  Zagat and Michelin are asleep at the wheel, and haven’t updated since the change in chef in 2018.  When the reviewers come around again, I think stars will be hung over 16 Street.  If you are a fan of creative and excellent cooking, do yourself a favor and go.  With that, here is the news of the week from our site:

Changes to the Recommended Restaurant List:


The Greek Deli – In an administrative oversight that management is taking very seriously, we did not put this downtown lunch mainstay on the list even after getting a chance to check it out.  The portions are large and good and so is the heart.


Mirabelle – The cooking is superb from the young, but well-pedigreed hands of Keith Bombaugh.  The cocktails and wine service are world class.  The location is central.  We think this spot is splurge worthy and underrated.  Go now before people catch on.

Other News:

Anju – the space formerly known as Mandu in Dupont, has reopened after a fire and complete remodeling.  Still under Danny Lee, it is now a more modern take on Korean.  We haven’t been yet, but considering the quality Lee puts out, you should have no reservations about trying it out.

Tim Carman did a piece in the Post about why tipping should survive, even if servers are given the legal protection of a standard minimum wage.

The increasingly indispensable Laura Hayes delivered a storm of interesting stories this week in the Washington City Paper, including a deep dive on community gardens, how to make water boiled beef (hint: it’s not water boiled) with the Chef/Owner of Astoria, and my favorite story on why Dio Wine Bar is so great.