Saturday in the Museum with Auguste

For our weekly trip to the museum, we take a virtual voyage to Cleveland where The Apple Seller by Pierre-Auguste Renoir is in the collection of the Cleveland Museum of Art.  Renoir went by the name Auguste.  For late August and the coming of apple season, it seemed apropos.

From the Museum description:

“This painting depicts a young country girl offering apples to Renoir’s wife, Aline. The boy in the straw hat may be the artist’s nephew, Edmond, but the young girl with the ribbon in her hair has not been identified. Bathed in soft, dappled sunlight, the figures are united through the fluid brushstrokes that cover the canvas. The leaping dog provides an accent of humor and motion in an otherwise tranquil scene. The picture was probably completed at Essoyes, in eastern France.”

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Enjoy the weekend!