Week in Review – 8/16/20

Image: Humphrey Bogart in a publicity photo for High Sierra (Raoul Walsh, 1941) via We Had Faces Then.

We took last week off because…well sometimes we run out of steam.  Apologies to both our readers.  This week we added to our list and saw more signs of life.  But ominous omens continue to lurk.   Read on for the week in review on our site and in D.C. dining.

Updates to the Recommended Restaurant List:


Sunrise Caribbean – this spot on the north side of Petworth serves classic comfort food from Trinidad and Jamaica.  It took us awhile to get up that way, but glad we did.


Amsterdam Falafel, 14th St. – This happened a couple weeks ago, but we are getting caught up.


Beuchert’s – the Capitol Hill standout is switching formats in an attempt to stay above water.  Tonight will be the last service under the old format, then they switch to a sandwich place called Fight Club starting Aug. 19.


Olivia, Oval Room, Modena – Ashok Bajaj’s other places re-opened this past week, doing sit-down, take-out and delivery.

Masseria – The high-end Italian spot redid their outdoor space to accommodate more seating.


The man behind the Kushi flameout thinks its time to open a bar in Adams Morgan called Death Punch.

But that is not the most absurd news of the week. Michelin reviewers are back sampling restaurants.  We’ve said some harsh things about Michelin before, but this confirms that it needs to be seriously revamped or go away.  In related news, Michelin announced that the new edition will be delayed and possibly based on pre-shutdown visits.  Can’t wait to see if Rake’s gets a star then!

Former Emilie’s guiding force Kevin Tien is opening a “ramen-rubbed” BBQ spot on Pentagon Row.  What are the odds he opens a new place on Capitol Hill when the crisis over and his cooling-off period elapses.

Meanwhile, Emilie’s announced that it was doing wine sales.  No mention of how it aligns with their promised diversity in wine program.

Restaurant Week is this week.  Please supplement any discounted orders with other items like wine or booze and tip big.

On the week when the $600 supplemental expired with no hope of return, Laura Hayes continues to be one of the few writers willing to stare into the abyss.

That’s enough for now.  As always, if you read this far you know you want to keep going to check out the rest of the site.  We will keep updating our dining guide so you can track who is open, closed and doing what. We have over 300 restaurants in D.C. listed. You can search by LIST or MAP.  And you can sort by status, neighborhood, and/or cuisine.

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Tip Big.  Wear a Mask. Enjoy the cooler days.