Week in Review – 12/8/19

Image: David Vestal, New York City (1950).

This week, we added a place to our recommended restaurant list, and thankfully there were no big closures (though Baan Thai is moving up).  We also reviewed a place that we do think is worth paying the cab fare to get there.  Here is the week that was on our site and other news of the Washington dining scene.

Updates to the Recommended Restaurant List:


Himalayan Heritage – The Indian/Nepalese restaurant that shares a door frame in Adams Morgan is a neighborhood secret.  We think it should be more widely known.  The hearty fare is the best fare here.


Poca Madre – The front half of the old Del Campo space Victor Albisu turned into a Taco Bamba.  The back half he made into this oasis of refined Mexican cuisine.  We think it is worth a trip across town for.


Washington City Paper reported that Baan Thai is moving to a yet to be disclosed location.  It seems to be one of the few restaurants that could trade up when the lease expired and the price increase kicked in.

In a barely reported move, Michelin has reached a deal with Trip Advisor to put Michelin rankings on its site.  They also sold a reservation system that is now merged with one owned by Trip Advisor.  There are many red flags about this deal.  We may write separately about it.

The Talented Chef Tim Ma of American Son recently took on a consulting job with Prather’s on the the Alley.  This week Laoban Dumplings, which is planning to move from incubator to brick and mortar, announced the Ma would be culinary director of the effort.  This comes a few weeks after he put another established chef, Hamilton Johnson, in at American Son.  There seems to be more than meets the eye here, but not sure what it is.

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Enjoy the holiday spirit and try to share it.