Bread Furst Added to 17° CxNW Recommended Restaurant List

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Last Updated: 5/31/2021

Current Status: The legendary bakery is doing Take-out and Delivery with a few seats outside.  It has also added grocery items for purchase.

Before Times Review:

Furst Visit: November 2019

Mark Furstenberg is one of the great bakers in the United States.  This is his shop.  You should pay them a visit.

The shop sells bread, pastries, cakes and related items for sale.  They also serve breakfast/brunch options in the morning; sandwiches and salads for lunch and early dinner.  There are usually three or four sandwiches that are available everyday of the week, plus a few that rotate as daily specials. The fillings are fresh, but it is the bread that matters.  The baguettes are just hard enough on the outside to require a firm bite, but soft enough inside to meld into the other ingredients in a delightful textural and savory experience.  There are “Montreal” style bagels.  The breakfast options include variations of eggs.  The sweets case is a different line than the sandwich line, but you will probably end up in both before you leave.

The place closes just as many are getting home.  So, you can pick up a loaf for dinner or to make sandwiches the next day (and maybe a cake), but can’t stay to eat.  Coffee (La Colombe), tea and limited cold drinks are available.  Communal tables and bars along the walls provide spots to dine.

Other Guidance:  It is neighborhood casual.  Vegetarians can do fine.  As for GF, you might be able to scratch out a meal, but seriously why bother.

Rating: Worth Taking a Walk (from the Metro)
Cuisine: Sandwiches/Salads
Neighborhood: Upper NW
Address: 4434 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008
Reservations: Walk-in

Other Critics/Voices:

Washington Post: Tom has called it the best bakery in the town, but seems annoyed by the check-out system.  So, he knocked it down from 2.5 to 2.0 stars.

Washingtonian: Shows up on a few lists including best breakfast, and 7 Great Restaurants Around Cleveland Park, Tenleytown, and Woodley Park (RIP Bar Civita, Ripple and Ardeo/Bardeo).

Bon Appetit