Week In Review – 11/15/20

Image: Bruno Bernard. Sophia Loren, Berlin Film Festival, ca. 1958.

With the bite of COVID returning, now we will remind you the following words of wisdom with emphasis: BUY A LOT OF STUFF FROM RESTAURANTS YOU LOVE RIGHT NOW. It might make the difference between survival and closing. Also tip big and wear a mask. With that out of the way we turn to our weekly recap of action on the site and news of the D.C. dining world.

Updates to the Recommended Restaurant List:


Pupatella – actually we did this last week, not this week, but we skipped the recap last week. The Dupont outpost of the Virginia-based chain is serving up some good Neapolitan-style pizza.


None!!! A rare reprieve, though we are bracing for bad news in the coming weeks. Especially after December 1st.


Emilie’s has changed its name and concept. It is now a Mexican spot. Not sure why.

Sushi Taro and Bresca opened up their dining rooms, just in time to have to shut them down in a week or two.

We never made it to Tino’s Pizzeria, but sadly DC Food Pundit reports it has closed. If pizza joints aren’t making it, imagine fine dining spots.


Which brings us to our ultimate question each week: where can you find the best dining guide for D.C.? A dining guide that has nearly 300 places listed and is nearly caught up on their current status? Well, the answer my friend is staring you in the face. It is right here at 17degreesdc.com. You can search in LIST or MAP format and sort by cuisine, neighborhood, and current status (dine-in, take-out, delivery, etc.).

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Tip big. Wear a mask.