Saturday in the Museum with Vincent

Image: Vincent van Gogh, Quinces, Lemons, Pears and Grapes (1887)

For this week’s art post we inch closer to the beginning of the 20th Century with Vincent van Gogh (pronounce it how you wish). Van Gogh went through stretches when he would paint a certain subject or color, working through his ideas. In 1886, he moved the Paris and began to experiment with still lifes, seeking “intense coloration, not gray harmony.”

The Van Gogh Museum, which holds this piece, offers this description:

“When Van Gogh saw the work of modern French artists in Paris, he realised he would have to change the dark Dutch colours he used in his paintings. He showed with this still life that he was a genuine colourist, working almost exclusively with shades of yellow, as well as a little green, blue, red and pink. He used threads of wool to try out colour combinations before beginning to paint.

“Van Gogh also painted the frame of this work. It is the only original frame that has survived. He dedicated the painting to Theo, who had frequently encouraged him to add more colour to his work.”

For many this past week has felt as if the brightness of life was coming back. This painting seems to represent how nature can capture that light and preserve it through rainy days.


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