Updates to 17° Recommended Restaurant List

Picture: Lamb Tagine at The Pembroke

Added to List This Week:

The Pembroke – The Dupont Circle Hotel got spruced up, including this new restaurant.  The food is a mish-mash of cuisines that might be summarized as New American with Mediterranean notes.  It still has some kinks to work out, but it is on its way.  Tom in the Post loved it. (And his Tagine picture is prettier).  The place is pretty good, and worth taking a walk out of your way.  A fine addition to the bounty of dining options in Dupont.

Casolare – The reliable Italian spot in the Kimpton Glover Park serving hearty food.  Part of Schlow’s empire in D.C.

Removed from List:

Sally’s Middle Name – The very woke spot on H Street is getting put to bed after this weekend.  It will be replaced by a Burmese restaurant.

Maple – Closing March 30.  A new Italian spot will replace it.  The owners are moving on to run a winery in Virginia, which sounds positive and takes some of the sting out of the loss.


We’ve been rolling out our next batch of reviews.  In honor of Proof’s closing, we’ve been highlighting places off that family tree or from the hands of alumni:

We pushed out a list of budget-friendly date night options.

Since Tom got us fired up, we got on our hobby-horse and re-upped the case for the Post to discard the star rating system for restaurants.

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