Stachowski’s Market

Image:  Grinder arranged like tectonic plates.

Last Updated: 6/13/2020

Current Status:  Stachowski’s continues to turn out meals for pick-up and has many market items available.  They have also added delivery for some items (though not the dinners).

Before Times Review:

Last Visited: March 2020

Stachowski’s is one of those marvelously quirky markets that can spring up in an unlikely place and take hold (other examples: Green Almond Pantry and Bread Furst).  In this case, the location is a quiet corner in the heart of residential Georgetown.  The market is a combination of butcher shop, sandwich shop, and a few shelves with other random food stuffs.  It is a family business under the tutelage of the colorful Jamie Stachowski, who worked in some great kitchens before focusing on supplying great products.

The butcher shop is very good, especially the sausages and charcuterie that can be bought pre-packaged to go.  As renowned as they are, we have not come here today to speak in praise of the sausages but to buy the sandwiches.  There are three things to know about them.  One, they rely on the same meats put out by the butcher shop.  Two, they are delicious.  Three, and maybe most important to know before you go, they are huge.  Not just big, stacked in the Carnegie-Deli style, but huge like a whole loaf cut lengthwise and masquerading as two slices with something in the ballpark of three pounds of ingredients in between them.  Each sandwich can easily feed three – maybe four (be sure to throw in a pickle).  The pastrami was enough for three meals (for a more modest version using the same pastrami, check out Sorellina in Dupont).  The scale can be daunting, bordering absurd, as if that is the only notable characteristic.  Do not let Augean nature overwhelm appreciation of the care with which they are made and the quality of the ingredients.  These are excellent sandwiches with great meats in the middle.

Like Green Almond Pantry, it also does prepared meals.  Check the website, or get on the email list to get the daily offering for pickup.  If you have a special order they might be able to take care of you.  Carman’s story linked below includes a crazy story about a customer ordering a slew of steaks done sous vide and seared.

Stachowski’s has managed to weave into the fabric of the area.  Locals come and go crossing off shopping list items and mix with those from farther afield looking for specialty products and, of course, sandwiches.  It is about as cute as a butcher shop can be and a special place.

Other Guidance:  There is a table with 5-6 seats in the front window, but most people take it to go.  The heart of the places is meat so vegetarians be warned.  The market is at street level with a small step up at the entrance.

Rating: Worth Taking a Walk
Cuisine: Sandwiches
Neighborhood: Georgetown
Address: 1425 28th St NW, Washington, DC 20007
Reservations: Walk-in; Phone: (202) 506-3125

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