Shawarma District Added to 17° CxNW Recommended Restaurant List

Image: Bowl of goodness.

Last Updated: 7/25/2021

Current Status: They are open for lunch. Tables set up outside. Open til 7:00, Monday through Saturday.

Overview: A write-up by Laura Hayes in the Washington City Paper put this place on our radar.  For those who frequent Cava, the set-up will be familiar.  It will also make you think about switching your allegiance, or at least walking a few extra blocks every once in a while. You pick from either bowl (rice or greens) or pita.  Fillings include deeply spiced beef and lamb shawarma, chicken, cauliflower, and falafel. The toppings are made fresh.  Reading Hayes’ piece will give you a sense of the attention to detail and research that went into building a great product.  The pita comes from a local bakery.  The result is much better than the typical lunch bowl.  Chef/Owner Albert Sissi opened this place after giving up the lease to Shawafel on H Street.  He also cooked a Zaytinya for several years.

The space is small with just a small row of stools and counter inside for eating and a handful of tables outside, weather permitting.  This place is aiming to be better than standard downtown lunch fare.  So far, it is meeting that higher standard.

Rating: Worth Taking a Walk
Cuisine: Eastern Mediterranean
Neighborhood: Downtown
Address: 818 18th St. NW, Washington. DC 20006
Reservations: Walk-in (phone: (202) 846-7450)

Other Critics/Voices:

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Washington City Paper: Positive write-up. no thread yet, but the old one for Shawafel was positive.