D.C. Wine Shops – MacArthur in the Palisades

Image: The Italian section alone is worth the trip (seriously, how many places carry five different Gattinaras?!)

We have been checking out wine shops in Washington with the goal of finding great neighborhood spots to help you enjoy wine.  This week we highlight a spot that is already on many people’s radar.

MacArthur Beverages – It is located in the Palisades, next to Blacksalt.  This store boasts a huge selection across all regions. The Italian section has been well-tended for years.  France and California, especially the Cabernet regions of Bordeaux and Napa, have always been at the core of the shop.  The staff are probably the most knowledgeable in the city, to the point of being intimidating.  But don’t be afraid to ask questions, even if it means you go home with a case worth of suggestions.  The prices are reasonable with plenty of bargains to be found.  There are shops that are cuter, cheaper, more convenient, or more focused.  MacArthur’s overall strength, especially selection and service, make it the best wine shop in D.C.