Saturday in the Museum with Willem

Image: Willem Claesz Heda, Banquet Piece with Mince Pie (1635). Oil on Canvas.

One of our New Year’s resolutions is to dig deeper in to still life paintings.  On Saturdays we like to post something related to the world of art, especially those pieces that have an intersection with food.  The most notable intersection of the food and art world is found in still life paintings, like this one, for which the Dutch were the most famous practitioners.  The National Gallery has a decent sampling of such works, so being a D.C. dining guide, it seems appropriate that we start there.

This image buy Willem Claesz Heda, depicts the remains of a banquet and symbolizes the transitory nature of life.  From the NGA website:

“[P]ewter plates teeter precariously over the table’s edge, while a translucent goblet and a silver tazza have toppled over, indicating that the feast has already been enjoyed. A number of objects in the painting hint at the transience of worldly existence. For example, the snuffed-out candle and the iron candle snuffer symbolize the abruptness by which life can end.”

The site also notes:

“Heda was a master of uniformly cool-gray or warm-tan color schemes favored in Dutch art during the 1630s. The gold, silver, pewter, and Venetian glass on top of the white tablecloth play against the neutral backdrop of the wall and the brown drape that covers the table. Starting in the mid-1600s, brighter colors would characterize the classical period of Dutch painting.”

We hope as we transition to 2020, you also move to a brighter future, while still being cool.

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Happy New Year!