Saturday in the Museum with Joan

Image: Joan Miró, The Farm (1921-22).

On Saturday’s we like to post something about art, usually art related to the world of food.  This Saturday we are excited that the National Gallery of Art will be re-opening in a few weeks.  The loss of access to museums was not the most tragic impact of COVID, but it was one that wore us down.  Exactly at the moment when someone would want to seek the solace of museums they closed.

A few years ago the National Gallery did a large show on Miró that left a lasting impact.  So today, we choose to highlight a piece by him from the permanent collection in anticipation of seeing it in person and, hopefully, seeing grand exhibitions again.

This piece is an earlier piece from Miró, before he moved to the abstract style he is known for.  The farm in question is his family’s in Catalonia.  The NGA website describes it:

The Farm represents a brilliant amalgamation of an intense, even primitive realism with the formal vocabulary of cubism. The painting is a compendium of separate details, each carefully observed and precisely described. This detailed realism, however, is matched by a tendency to simplify forms into abstract, geometric shapes. Moreover, space in The Farm is defined by a ground plane that tilts sharply upward, while individual forms are similarly tilted, so that they sit silhouetted, parallel to the picture plane.

The National Gallery reopens on May 14. Timed passes required and will be released on Monday, May 10 at 10:00 a.m.


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