Saturday in the Museum with Gordon

Image: Gordon Grant for U.S. Army

This Saturday, for our weekly side trip from food to art, we highlight something out of town.  The The National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, MO has an exhibit of posters created by the Army at the conclusion of the war.  From the site:

“The exhibition highlights a collection of posters commissioned by the U.S. Army, General Staff’s Morale Section. All but one poster were created by Gordon Grant, an Army captain and illustrator during World War I. These posters communicate messages about how an honorably discharged serviceman can make a positive impact on their community through appearance and conduct. The posters are essentially an instructional tool, conveying an image of a model former serviceman who uses the discipline, can-do attitude and leadership skills, developed while in the service.”

A New York Times Magazine article discusses the disparity between the stern messages of upright behavior with the reality of many soldiers in need of compassion returning from a war that gave us the term shell shock.  The country did a better job after World War II, but it seems it is a lesson we need to re-learn each time.

The exhibit is on display until September 15.

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