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Last Updated: 6/5/2020

Current Status: Closed. Sister restaurant Thip Khao is doing take-out if you want a Lao food fix.

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Before Times Review:

First Visit: July 2019

Chef Seng Luangrath took a chance on Laotian food and the gamble paid off.  Her spots in Virginia (Padaek) and Columbia Heights (Thip Khao) are sensations.  Now she has opened Hanumanh in Shaw.  It is a casual bar setting for pretty serious food.

Chef Seng’s son, Bobby Pradachith, is running the kitchen.  For those used to Thai food, Laotian will seem familiar but distinct.  A little more funky than spicy, and worth exploring on its own.  The shaved banana blossoms salad is a highlight and exemplar of the cooking.  The pork ribs are less adventurous, but equally tasty.

Getting equal billing here is the booze.  The drinks are creative, tend toward the sweet, and are often served in a whimsical way.  The space is as wide as the brightly-colored storefront.  The bar dominates, taking up a good chunk of the room.  There are tables off to the side and additional seating outside on the back patio.  The service is pretty sharp for a new spot.  The dishes come quickly.

Other Guidance: It is a casual spot in Shaw.  Come as you are.  GF and Vegetarians can do fine, but be sure to ask considering the layers of elements in each dish.  The night I went, the Spotify mix was something that seemed anchored to Christopher Cross which can lead to a lot of earworms.

Rating: Worth Taking a Walk
Cuisine: Other Asian (Laotian)
Neighborhood: Shaw
Address: 1604 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
Website: https://www.hanumanh.com/
Reservations: Walk-in

Other Critics/Voices:

Washington Post: Raving 3.0 review.  Positive First Bite from Tom. “The finger food is fabulous, and just happens to be vegan.”

Washingtonian: Preview