Saturday in the Museum with Amir Hamza

Image: “A young hero bounds into a drunken feast” from the Dastan-I Amir Hamaz (c.1567-882). Opaque watercolor on cotton.

We pick up the series we started of art depicting feast and dining. As a restaurant guide for D.C. we like to take a break on Saturdays to post about art related to food. The last year has been tough for dining, so we are on the search for images of more raucous and socially close moments.

This week comes from the Mughal Empire in India by way of the British Museum, which acquired the piece in 1948. It depicts a scene from the Ḥamzanáma, which was an epic tale depicting the adventures of Amir Hamza. In this image the hero “bounds” into a drunken feast that is spread across at least two rooms.


While we wait to go in search of drunken feasts, restaurants are still serving at limited capacity and doing takeout to stay afloat. If you are looking for ideas, we have some for the District. Our site has about 300 recommended restaurants in our dining guide, displayed in either LIST or MAP format. You can sort by cuisine, neighborhood, and current status.

Stay safe. Wear a mask. Tip Big!