Roaming Rooster

Image:  Sandwich and Fries

Last Updated: December 2022

Current Status:  With the opening in Tenleytown in February, the bust-out success of this mini-chain expanded to three locations – now with many more in the city and ‘burbs.  They have recently added breakfast options.  Last we checked in it was take-out/delivery only – Order online – but they may start opening dining rooms soon or have a few tables outside free depending on location and time of day.

The focus at Roaming Rooster is on a few variations of fried chicken sandwiches. The IG handle makes it clear how seriously they take it: Antibiotic free, grain fed, free range, & halal.  There are a lot of fried chicken sandwiches out there, but not many with this level of care.  Some are partial to the honey butter version, others to the Nashville Hot.  Some hack by getting the honey butter on the side and adding it to whatever they get.  Choose your spice level wisely.

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Cuisine:  Sandwiches/Salads

Reservations:  Walk-in

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