Restaurant Employees Relief Links

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There are many ways to help those in the restaurant industry that have been hit disproportionately hard by the public health crisis.  We rightfully praise medical professionals for going to work to help us through this.  It should not be lost that the restaurant industry and its employees’ livelihoods (along with many other small businesses) were essentially sacrificed to protect the larger society.  They are one of many groups that took one for the team.  Here is your chance to help them out.  Below are links to help employees – almost all of whom were laid off in one -fell swoop.  (For ways to help restaurants through gift cards or doing take-out/delivery see this page)

One overarching effort that those in the industry are focusing on is advocating for greater federal and local government support.  This open letter from Indie Chef Community is a good summary of the effort.  At the top of that agenda is “The expansion of Unemployment Insurance up to full lost wages for employees while closed for the duration of the crisis.”

Other efforts are more directly aimed at support to laid-off employees, see below for those.

Restaurant-sponsored Relief Efforts and other direct methods:

Virtual Tip Jar: Verified accounts have been entered on a spread sheet so that you can donate directly to bartenders and servers that need your support.  Donate to those whose name you recognize or randomly.  It all helps.

Restaurant Programs:

NOTE:  Laura Hayes at WCP is doing a similar list.  Be sure to check that out too.

Tail Up Goat/Reveler’s Hour set up a page to directly support staff by donation cards or buying merch.

Bad Saint gift cards go 100% to provide relief to its staff.

Jose Andres (Think Food Group): “We made a special gift card for 20% off and the money goes half to continue to extend pay and benefits and half to our ThinkFamilyFund.”

Fabio Trabocchi (Fiola, Fiola Mare, Del Mar, Sfoglina) set up a employee relief fund through the Greater Washington Community Foundation.  All merch sales are also going to support the remaining staff.  There are also individual restaurant GoFundMe efforts:

Hank’s Oyster Bars is giving all gift card proceeds go to staff relief through April 15, and there is a t-shirt to help too for $50.

Call Your Mother/Timber Pizza – They are continuing to pay staff despite being closed, which considering the ease of selling their product for take out is an insanely brave decision.  All Merch sales help paying staff: Timber Merch; Gift Card. Call Your Mother Merch; Gift Card.

Cane – All Gift Card sales go to staff.

Robert Wiedmaier Restaurants (Brasserie Beck, Marcel’s, Lock 72, Wildwood Kitchen, Mussel Bar & Grille and Keystone Korner) Fundly Page

Go Fund Me Pages:

(In no particular order.  There are many more, search online if you don’t see a place you are looking for)

Across The Pond


Annie’s Steakhouse

Ambar – Capitol Hill

Boqueria – also 100% of gift card proceeds  until March 30th will go toward the fund.

Boulud Group (DBGB CC and NYC)

Blues Alley



The Big Hunt

Bistro Bis



The Capital Grille

Clyde’s Group Fund  – Clydes, 1789, Old Ebbitt, The Hamilton, The Tombs, The Soundry.

Comet Ping-Pong 

Daikaya Group Fund – $150,000!!! Daikaya, Bantam King, Haikan, Hatoba and Tonari


District Kitchen


ElleGift Cards are going to relief too.

Emmy Squared


Chef Geoff’s (includes LIAS, Tortilla Coast and Cafe Deluxe).

The Green Zone

Hip City Veg

H2 (includes Brixton Rooftop, El Rey Margarita Garden, American Ice Co, Chez Billy, Echo Park, Players Club)

Izakaya Seki 


Kelly’s Irish Times

Kaz Sushi Bistro

Kith & Kin.

Logan Tavern, Commissary, and The Pig

Lucky Buns

Martin’s Tavern


Momofuku – Hoping to raise $500K for its various locations, which gives a sense of the scale of the problem

Neighborhood Restaurant Group (The Evening Star / Rustico / Vermilion / Buzz Bakeshop / Columbia Firehouse / Birch & Barley / ChurchKey / Bluejacket / Red Apron / The Partisan / B Side / Iron Gate / Hazel / Owen’s Ordinary / The Grand Delancey / Slice Joint)

The Palm

PRG Hospitality (Lincoln, Teddy, Declaration)


The Pub and the People & Present Company

The Pug

Rose’s Restaurant Group (Rose’s Luxury, Little Pearl, Pineapple & Pearls)

Room 11

Red Hen

The Royal


Saint Ex/Bar Pilar

Shilling Canning Company

Show Time Bar



Queen’s English Staff Relief Fund via Venmo: Venmo@queensenglish.

Pom Pom – Venmo  @ pompomstaff


Regional Relief Efforts:

Here is the Hook Hall project to provide emergency relief.

Succotash is giving away up to 250 dinners a day to restaurant industry staff hit hard.  They are also giving away staples like paper goods.  To contribute contact For all monetary donations, please visit to donate online. (Note, Maker’s Mark is supporting this effort.  Patron Tequila also stepped up to make donations to support the industry and its people. Considering these are the people who’ve been slinging your Jack and Coke and 7 and Seven for years, I would expect many more to step up in a big way).

Washingtonian also flagged: One Fair Wage is raising money to help give extra cash to restaurant workers, delivery drivers, and other hospitality employees in need of financial assistance. The campaign aims to give workers each $213. Those seeking assistance can fill out this form. One Fair Wage will follow up with a call within 7 to 10 days to confirm the information. Note: They prioritize funds for service workers who’ve already been involved with the “one fair wage” cause. You can donate here.

Laura Hayes also flagged efforts that focus on the immigrant community in this piece for WCP – links at bottom of article.

National Relief Efforts:

Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. Donate here.

Restaurant Workers Fund.

The James Beard Foundation set up a national releif fund for the industry.

Here is an list with some of these and more.

Employee Resources:

There are some resources to help those who have been hit.  We are not expert on this things, but here are some links that might be helpful:

Here is a list from Muchas Gracias that focuses on immigrant support, but has links for other industry employees.

Here is a list of various resources from Tierney Plumb’s roomie

If you would like to flag an effort to be added, you can reach us at 17degreesdc at gmail. If anyone with more resources wants to cut and paste this to build it out – feel free to steal it.