D.C. Restaurant Gift Card List (Updated 11/2021)

Image: Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra & Dean Martin photographed by Sid Avery on the set of Ocean’s Eleven, 1960.

Update November 2021: We put up this list in 2020 to help connect restaurants and those that wanted to support them.  The crisis may be fading, but many still want to support restaurants and also give gift cards as actual gifts!   We are going through it to update it over the next couple weeks. To find restaurants doing take-out or delivery see our recommended list that includes current status and is regularly updated.


Independent operators are listed first in roughly alphabetical order with a link to the restaurant site and then the gift card link if applicable.  Those restaurants that are part of a larger group (like Knightsbridge, Neighborhood Restaurant Group, etc) are at the bottom.  If you don’t see a place you are looking for, they still might have a way to give support, so contact them directly.  Some places are listed as placeholders.  They have “None” in the comment area.


2 AmysGift Cards.

Across the PondGift Cards.

AgoraGift Cards.

A. Litteri – No gift cards, but doing business and online ordering.

AlbiGift Cards.

ABC Pony: Link (Both Gift Cards and House Accounts, also for Maketto).

Al VoloGift Cards,

Amsterdam Falafel Digital gift cards.

Ana at District WineryGift Cards

Andy’s Pizza – None.

Annabelle – For Gift Cards see the Knightsbridge Group (redeemable at all restaurants, see list at bottom of this post).

Anju –  Gift Card.

Annie’s  – No Gift Cards, merch is available on site.

AnxoGift Cards, Merch

AnafreGift Card

Arepa ZoneGift Cards

ArchipelagoGift Cards.

Astoria/Copycat Co. – Gift Card



Bad SaintGift Cards.

Baan SiamGift Cards

Bad SaintGift Cards and Merch

Baked and Wired/A Baked Joint/LaBettyGift Cards and other merch.

Baked by YaelGift Cards and other items for purchase – including baked goods!

Baker’s DaughterGift Cards

Banana Leaves – no cards, but looks like you can Order Online for non-contact deliveries.

Bar CharleyGift Card

Bar Chinois – no cards

Bar PilarGift Cards.

BarrelGift Cards.

Belga CaféGift Cards

Ben’s Chili BowlGift Cards.

The Berliner – No cards.

Bethesda BagelsGift Cards.

Beuchert’sGift Card.

Beau ThaiGift Cards.

Bidwell – No gift cards.

Big Bear CaféGift Cards and other merch.

Bistro Aracosia – No cards.

Bistro BisGift Cards.

Bistro CacaoGift Cards.

Bistrot Lepic & Wine BarGift Certificate

Blue 44 – No cards.

Blue Duck Tavern – There are generic Hyatt Gift Cards.

Bluejacket – See below for Neighborhood Restaurant Group Gift Cards.

Bombay Street Food/Butter Chicken Co – No gift cards.

Booeymonger – No cards

Boqueria –  Gift Card.

Bossa Bistro and Lounge – No cards.

Bourbon Steak – None apparently for DC location.

Boundary StoneGift Card.

Bread Furst – None

BrescaGift Card.

Brookland PintGift Cards.

Bub and Pop’s – No gift card link.

Buck’s Fishing & CampingGift Card.

BulGift Cards

Bullfrog BagelsLink.

Bun DC – No cards.

Busboys & PoetsGift Cards.


Cactus CantinaGift Cards.

Café BerlinGift Cards

Café MilanoGift Cards.

Café Mozart – No cards.

Café du Parc – No cards.

Cafe Saint-Ex – No cards

Call Your MotherGift CardsBuy Merch!

CalicoGift Cards

CaneGift Cards

Capo’s Deli – No Cards.

Caruso’s GroveryGift Cards (good for the Roost as a whole)

Casta’s – No cards.

Central  – Gift Card.

Centrolina/PiccolinaGift Cards for both.

ChaiaGift Card

Chaplin’sGift Cards.

Charcoal Town – No gift cards

Chef Geoff’sGift Cards.

Chercher – No gift cards.

Chez Billy Sud/Bar à Vin: Gift Cards.  

Chicken and WhiskeyGift Card.

ChikoGift Card.

ChloeGift Cards.

Cielo RojoGift Cards and merch.

Colada ShopGift Cards

La CollinaGift Cards – also good at The Duck and The Peach.

Columbia RoomGift Card.

Comet Ping-PongGift Card.

The Commodore – No cards

Compass Rose/Maydan: Gift cards for Compass Rose,  Maydan.

Compliments Only – No cards – but stop in during holiday shopping for a great sub!

ConvivialGift Cards

Corduroy/Baby Wale – Gift Cards email: manager@corduroydc.com.

CorkGift Cards

Crane’sGift Cards.

Cracked Eggery – No cards

Crazy Aunt Helen’sGift Card



Da Hong Pao  – None

The Dabney/Dabney Cellar –  Gift Card.

DaruGift Cards

Das – None

DBGBGift Card for Boulud nationwide.

DCity Smokehousemerch.

DC Harvest – None, but give them some love and order food.

DC NoodlesGift Card

Diner/TrystGift Cards for Open City, Tryst, The Diner, The Coupe.

District Donuts: Gift Cards.

District KitchenGift Cards.

District TacoGift Card.

Doi MoiGift Cards.

Dolan Uyghur – No gift cards, but order via seamless.com, grubhub.com, postmates.com, doordash.com

Due SouthGift Cards.

Donburi – No gift cards, but order online.

The Duck and The PeachGift Cards – also good at La Collina and The Wells.

Duke’sGift cards for all three locations on site.

Dukem  – No cards

Dupont Market -no cards



El Chucho – No gift card,

El Rey – Gift Certificates, TO/D on site.

El SolGift Card.

El Tamarindo – Contact them for Cards and merch.

Ellē – Gift Cards.

Elizabeth’s Gone RawGift Cards.

Emissary – No cards

Emmy SquaredGift Cards.

Eno – None.  Closed.

Equinox –  Gift Cards.

Espita MezcaleriaGift Card; –

Estadio  – Gift Cards

Estuary  – No cards.

EttoGift Cards.

Et VoilaGift Cards



Fancy RadishGift Cards that are also good at Philly sister restaurants.

Federalist PigGift Cards and online ordering.

FishScaleGift Cards. TO/D.

FlorianaGift Cards.

Florida Ave Grill – No gift cards.  Merch is in store only.

Fresh BaguetteGift Cards



Garden District  – Gift Cards.

Glassey – None

Good Stuff Eatery – No cards.

Gourmet Panda – None.

Granville Moore’sGift Cards and back to Belgian!

GravitasGift Cards;

Great Wall – No cards.

The Greek Deli – No gift cards.  Reopened for business!!

Green Almond PantryGift Cards.



The Halal GuysGift Cards.

Hip City VegGift Cards.

Hill CountryGift Cards

Himalayan Heritage – No gift cards, but order online.

Honeyflower Food – No gift cards, but Delivery Options.

HanumanhGift Cards.


Il CanaleGift Cards.

I’m Eddie CanoGift Cards

Immigrant FoodGift Cards.

The ImperialGift Cards.

I RicchiGift Cards

Indique  – Gift Cards.

IndigoGift Cards.

Inn at Little WashingtonGift Cards.

Ivy City SmokehouseGift Cards

Ivy & ConeyWebsite for Cards and Merch.

Izakaya SekiGift Cards and new take out partnered with Domestique Wine Shop. And Merch!   


Jack RoseGift Cards

Jettie’sGift Cards.

JoselitoGift Cards.



KaliwaGift Cards Now!

KarmaGift Cards.

KazGift Cards

Keren – No cards. Doing TO/D.

Kingbird – No cards.

Kitty O’Shea’sGift CardsTO/D including drinks.

Komi/Little Serow – No cards, but Komi doing Happy Gyro take out and Little Serow takeout.

Kotobuki – No gift cards, take out orders: (202-625-9080). Menu



La Chaumiere – No cards.

La FamosaGift Cards

La JambeGift Cards available on website.

La PiquetteGift Cards.

Laos in TownGift cards.

LapisGift Card.

Lauriol PlazaGift Cards.

LavagnaGift Card.

Le Chat NoirGift Cards.

Le DeSales – Closed – status uncertain.

Le GrenierGift Cards.

Leni – No cards

Leopold’s Kafe & Konditorei – None.

Lily and CactusMerch!;

Little Food Studio – No cards

Little Red Fox –  E-gift card and other merch in online store.

Little SesameEvery $10 gift card purchased = meal served to folk in need.

Little Coco’sGift cards.

Los Hermanos – No gift cards.

Lucky BunsGift Cards, dinner for take out and merch!

Lutece (Formerly Bonaparte) – Gift Card link dead.

Luke’s LobsterGift Cards.

Lyle’s – no cards


Macon – Gift Cards available – call: 202-248-7807.

Maialino Mare – Union Sq. Hospitality Gift Card Link

Maiz64 – No cards

Makan/Thirsty Crow – No cards, but they are really good.

Maketto: Gift Cards (Both Gift Cards and House Accounts also for ABCPony). 

MatchboxGift Cards.

Mandu – No cards

Mari Vanna – No gift cards

Marvin – None.

Martin’s TavernGift Cards.

Masala ArtGift Cards.

Masseria/Officina  Gift Cards (Masseria); Gift Cards (Officina).

Maxwell Park –  Gift Cards by location: Shaw, Navy Yard.

MayuhuelGift Cards.

MelangeGift Cards

Menomale – None

Mercy MeGift Cards; merch and market

Metier/Kinship: Gift Cards.

Mezcalero – None

Mi Cuba – No message or cards on site.

MikkoGift cards. And T-shirts on the webpage

Millie’s – Gift Cards, Merch.

The MinistryGift Cards and Merch!

Mintwood PlaceGift Cards.

Mission/Hawthorne/Admiral Gift Cards.

Moon RabbitGift Cards

Mola – Now Nido Shop – Go buy something.

The MonocleGift Cards.

Momo’s Cafe – None

Moreland’s TavernGift Cards.

Mr. Braxton Bar & Kitchen – No gift cards

Mr. Henry’s – None

Muchas Gracias –  Gift Cards



New HeightsGift Cards.

Nicoletta Italian KitchenGift Cards for parent company (also for Osteria Morini)

Nina MayGift Cards.



ObeliskGift Certificate.  But they have been closed for the summer since July.

Occidental Grill – No gift cards.

O-KuGift Cards for Parent Indigo Road Hospitality, redeemable at all affiliated restaurants.  No message about current operations.

Old EuropeGift cards and merch.

Oohs and AhhsGift cards

Osteria MoriniParent Altamarea Cards (also for Nicoletta).

Oyster Oyster – No cards



Panda Gourmet – No gift cards, but order online.

Pappe – No gift cards

The Passenger/Left Door – No gift cards.

Peacock Cafe – No gift cards.

The Pembroke – None.

Pennyroyal StationGift Cards – you have to click through to the Toast app for take-out and there is a button.

Peregrine Expresso –  Gift Cards and Merch.

Perry’sGift Cards.

Piccolina/Centrolina: Gift Cards for bothT

Pie Shop – No cards.

Pizzeria ParadisoGift Cards.

&Pizza – No gift cards, but offers for orders.

Plume (now the Greenhouse) – None.

Porchetta District – No cards

PrimroseGift Cards.

Pub and the People Gift Cards.

Punjab GrillGift Cards.

Pupatella – No cards

Purple PatchGift Card.



Queen’s EnglishGift Cards.

Queen of Sheba – No gift cards.

Qui QuiGift Cards



Raku/Rakuya  – Gift card

Rappahannock Oyster Bar (Wharf/Union Market) – Gift cards seem by restaurantWharf, Union Market. Wharf TO. Union Market TO.

Rare Steakhouse/TavernGift Cards for All Locations.

Rasa –  Gift Cards.

Red Bear BrewingGift Cards and Merch

Red Derby – Take-out.  See IG for more.

Red Rocks PizzaGift Cards.

Republic CantinaGift cards.

RetrobottegaGift Cards.

ReverieGift Cards and House Accounts.

Right Proper BrewingGift Card redeemable at both locations.  shop Beer and Food and Beer from Shaw.

Rito Loco/El Techo – No cards, but merch.

El Rinconcito Café – No gift cards

RisGift Cards.

Roaming RoosterGift Cards

Roofers’ UnionGift Card.

Rooster & OwlGift Card.

The RoyalGift Card.

RPMGift Cards (not clear if redeemable at all locations)

Rumi’s KitchenGift Cards



Sabydee Thai & Lao Cuisine – No cards.

St. VincentGift Cards

SakuramenGift card.

Salt LineGift Card.

San Lorenzo – Contact directly

Santa Rosa Taqueria – No cards.

Scarlet Oak – No cards.

Seoul Spice – No cards

SerenataGift Cards.

Service BarGift Cards.

Sette OsteriaGift Cards.

Seven ReasonsGift Cards.

Seylou BakeryGift cards.

Shaw Tavern Gift Cards.

Sharbat Bakery – No cards

Shawarma District – No gift cards.

Shibuya Eatery – No cards

Shilling Canning Co. – Gift Cards.

ShoukGift Card.

Slice Joint – No cards

Som Tam – No cards.

Souvlaki Greek Cuisine – No gift cards

Slate Wine Bar/Xiquet – Slate Gift Card.  Xiquet Gift Card;

SlipstreamGift Cards

Soi 38Gift Cards.

SonomaGift Cards. .

Sorellina – None.

SospesoGift Cards.

SoupergirlGift Cards.

StableGift cards coming.

Stachowski’s Market – No gift cards, but doing great take out dinners.

Stellina PizzeriaGift Cards.

Sticky RiceGift Cards and Merch from website (though links were dead when we tried); And online ordering options.

Super Pollo – No cards.

SupraGift Cards.

SurfsideGift Cards.

Sushi Capitol – None.

Sushi Gakyu – No gift cards.

Sushi HachiGift Cards.

Sushi Nakazawa – None

Sushi Ogawa – No cards.  Take-out added.  See website and IG.

Sushi Taro – No gift cards, but they do knife sharpening!

Swahili VillageGift Cards


Tabard InnGift Cards.

Taberna al AlabarderoGift Cards.

Taco BambaLink. DC closed.

Taco City – None?

Taïm – No gift cards

Taqueria del BarrioGift Cards

Taqueria Habanero – No gift cards but go!

Taqueria Distrito Federal – No gift cards.

Taqueria XochiGift Cards

TeaismGift Cards and other merch online.

Ted’s BulletinGift Cards.

Tequila & MezcalNo cards

Thai Chef – No cards.  1

Thai X-ingGift Cards.

ThameeHouse Account.

Thip KhaoGift Cards.

Tiger Fork/Fainting GoatGift card

Tiki on 18th/The GameGift Card

Timber Pizza Co. – Gift Cards.

Al Tiramisu – Gift cards available directly.

Tortilla CoastGift Cards.

Toki UndergroundGift Cards

Tortino – No cards.

ToscaGift Cards

Tsehay Ethiopian – No gift cards.

Tunnicliff’s Tavern – No cards.


Un Je Ne Sais Quoi – Cards available, contact directly.

Unconventional Diner – Gift cards available on website.

Valor Brewpub – No gift cards.

Via Sophia – None

Walter’s Sports BarGift Cards.

We The Pizza – None

ZenebechGift cards

ZeppelinGift Cards.

Zorba’s  – No Cards

Restaurants Groups:

Tail Up Goat/Reveler’s Hour:  Looks like they are done separately for each place:

  • Tail Up Goat: Link
  • Reveler’s Hour: Link

(Hank’s) Jamie Leeds Restaurant Group: Gift Cards.

Think Food Group (Jose Andres): Link – redeemable at all restaurants.

Black’s Restaurant Group: Link.  Good at all locations, including:

  • Addie’s
  • Black Salt
  • Black Jack
  • Pearl Dive –
  • Republic
  • TILT

EatWell Group: Link – redeemable at all locations:

  • Commissary
  • Logan Tavern
  • Grillfish
  • The Pig
  • The Charles.

Clyde’s Group: Link – appears to be redeemable at all locations.

Knightsbridge Restaurant Group: Link – good at all locations.

  • Annabelle
  • Bindaas
  • Bombay Club
  • Modena
  • Olivia
  • Oval Room (Now La Bise)
  • Rasika
  • Rasika West End –
  • Sababa

Neighborhood Restaurant Group: Gift Card  – Redeemable at any of their restaurants.  Moving to a consolidated kitchen model for all restaurants  to do deliveries.

  • The Evening Star
  • Vermilion
  • Buzz Bakeshop – will remain open for TO/D
  • Planet Wine –
  • Columbia Firehouse
  • Rustico
  • Bluejacket
  • B Side
  • Iron Gate
  • The Partisan
  • Red Apron – will remain open to buy meat.
  • Birch & Barley
  • Churchkey
  • The Sovereign
  • Hazel

Red Hen Group:  Done separately.

Daikaya Group: Gift cards by each shop

Robert Wiedmaier Restaurants: Link – redeemable at these restaurants:

  • Marcel’s
  • Brasserie Beck
  • Mussel Bar & Grille
  • Keystone Korner (food & beverage only)
  • Wildwood Kitchen
  • Lock 72

Rose’s Group:  Cards done separately.

Fabio Trabocchi Restaurants: Link – redeemable at all restaurants:

Knead Hospitality: Link –  Redeemable at all locations, including:

Starr Restaurant Group: Link – redeemable at either location and many other Starr Restaurants

Street Guys Hospitality: Link – redeemable at these locations:

  • Ambar DC
  • Ambar Clarendon
  • Baba
  • Buena Vida
  • Buena Vida Social Club

Metropolitan Hospitality Group: Link – redeemable at all locations it appears:

Founding Farmers Group: Gift Cards – appears to be redeemable at all locations.

Richard Sandoval RestaurantsGift Card redeemable at:

Schlow Restaurant Group – Varies by restaurant:

Hakan Ilhan Group: Varies

Lupo Verde (Med Lahlou) Restaurants – No gift cards.

We will continue to work and update this.  Happy Holidays!!!

Be Safe.