Lunas de Buenos Aires

Image: Spinach, Chicken, Pork.

Last Updated: April 2023


Empanadas are the heart of this short menu in a big cinder-block spot across from the main hall in Union Market.  The empanadas are worth the walk over.  They are done with a thin crust that offers more crackling than chewing.  Served hot, they are color-coded to match the fillings. The green (spinach, mozzarella) is a very creamy, overwhelmingly spinach interior.  Other non-meat options include creamy corn with bechamel, and blue cheese with onions. The Cajun pork and chicken tandoori had finely chopped fillings that nearly ooze when bitten.  There is also a beef option with olives and boiled egg.  Once cooled-down they are easy to eat, and the lightness means even after two or three you are not feeling stuffed.   They also serve a take on Argentinian pizza, a few sandwiches, and salads.  The beverage list is low-key like the setting, but it includes cocktails, and you can probably find something that works.

It is counter service and tables are first come.  Argentinian twin brothers, Martin Lautaro Fontan and Rodrigo Fontan, gave up law careers for street food to start this place.  A year later, Lunas has become something of a community anchor, and tables are often found pushed together.  One night when we dropped in, there was a group spirited Uno players. During the World Cup it became a favorite home of Argentina fans who grew more frenzied the more the tournament progressed. 

Union Market has progressed to include many good options.  We suggest you add Lunas to your rotation if you haven’t already.


Cuisine: South American (Argentina)
Neighborhood: Union Market
Address: 1276 5th Street, NE Washington, DC 20002
Reservations: Walk-in

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