ICYMI & Updates to 17° CxNW – 4/12/19

“Thank god the Yelpers hate this place?” – Marcello Mastroianni in “Otto e mezzo” (1963)

Several changes and updates week, including adding two and losing two restaurants on the list of recommended places to eat in Washington, D.C.

Removed from List:

Honeysuckle (closed) – April 6 was the last night of service.  It will be missed.  Best of luck to the team, who poured their heart into it.  I hope Chef Johnson stays around.  I would also like to note that there is a direct connection between Honeysuckle and this website.  I went when it opened.  It was creative, delicious, and an important addition to the city.  Sadly, soon after that, Tom Sietsema gave it a tough review and a 2-stars rating, essentially knee-capping it out of the gate.  My frustration that such a unique and great restaurant was subject to the whims of one critic motivated me to build this site.  Honeysuckle is gone, but the motivation remains.

Pennsylvania 6 (closed) – the non-stuffy steakhouse suddenly shut its doors last weekend.  Looking for something similar – I’d send you to Rare Tavern.

Added to List:

Al Dente – A bright, neighborhood spot with a legendary chef.  It’s worth trying out if you are out that way.

El Rinconcito Cafe  – The small cafe near the Convention Center serves up sizeable Salvadoran and Mexican classics.  Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Along with Tortino and El Sol, it holds down the old school tradition of the neighborhood.


Unconventional Diner – You can find our most recent review HERE, of of this gem that is actually located in the Convention Center (although accessed from the street on 9th).

Finally, we have not heard back from Charlize Theron’s people, but we do have ideas on where to go for a fancy dinner in D.C. should you be dating a movie star.

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