Image:  The oven at Etto.

Last Updated: 6/6/2021

Current Status:  Etto has added back limited seating.  They are doing patio dining only for the time being.  Reservations on the site.  Take-out continues as well. This was the first place we ordered from in March, and it was so good to know it hung in there.

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Before Times Review:

Last Visited: June 2019

Etto is a pizza place.  Etto is more than a pizza place.  Etto is a quirky pizza place.  Etto makes great pizza.  This spot about half-way up the 14th Street strip was excellent from the get-go.  The staff is friendly.  The cooking is spot-on.  The space is inviting.  Go too long without a visit and you’ll kick yourself when reminded how good it is.

There are multiple variations of classic pizzas plus seasonal options.  The dough is a tangy whole wheat done Neapolitan style with a wood-fired pizza oven.  The ingredients are killer fresh.  The things other than pizza elevate this casual spot into something serious.  There are a number of room temp salads like caponata, cauliflower, zucchini (when in season) and others.  There are also entrées or hot appetizers that over the years have been the secret treats.  Cold salads and meatballs and crostini were listed recently.

The wine list contributes to the quirkiness.  It is almost all Beaujolais and Sicilian based.  There are also sparkling choices, beer and cider.  A large collection of Amari rounds out the drink choices.  Though not a traditional mix, you’ll be able to find something to work with.  Considering the developing quality of Sicilian wine, you might also find something revelatory.

Etto is the combined project of the crews behind 2 Amys and Garden District.  The touch of both is evident.  There is outdoor seating to watch people come and go from Le Diplomate.  There are a few seats at the bar inside.  The staff is friendly and quick, if not always up to speed.  The bartenders over the years have been great.

It is worth the trip crosstown for a (not that cheap) night.

Rating: Worth Paying the Cab
Cuisine: Pizza
Neighborhood 14th Street
Address: 1541 14th St. NW Washington DC 20007
Reservations: Walk-in

Washington Post: 3!

Washingtonian: #46 in 2020. #43 in 2019. #28 in 2018. Also made the list in 2014 and 2017.

Lori: Early take from 2013.