Wine drinking is more subjective than horse racing…

Image: Edward Hopper,  Le Bistro or The Wine Shop, 1909. Oil on canvas.  At The Whitney Museum of American Art

For Wine Wednesday, a quote from A.J. Liebling:

“Wine drinking is more subjective than horse racing and nearly as subjective as love, but the gamble is less; you get something for your money no matter what you pick.”

I think the parallel construction meant that money comparison did not apply to love, but with Liebling you can’t be sure.

We have been working on our list of great neighborhood wine shops in the District.  The gamble is not so bad at these places, because the odds are they will help you find something good.  You can read about the shops we have on the list so far under the WINE tab.  There are some more quotes and thoughts on wine there too.

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