We’re doing it wrong…

Image: “It is all so befuddling, can you explain it again?”

What would you rather do: 1) Search through a list of 400 restaurants to find someplace you might want to go to with an open time slot that may not even include your favorite places? or 2) Pare that list down to 10-15 places that you really want to go to and see if you can get in?  When you use the handy-dandy LIST on 17 Degrees you can choose option #2! Start with what you want, not what they show you.

For most of us, we start by searching on the reservations websites like Opentable to see what we can settle for. Then we go to another site like Resy and start over.  Then we maybe remember there was that place we wanted to check out but realize they do reservations only on the restaurant website.  What we need to know if there is an open reservation at the places we were actually thinking of going.  Sure there are times when we just need to find a table for four at 8:00 at an acceptable restaurant.  But if we are looking for a special night out don’t start with the lowest common denominator!!

With 17 Degrees you can zero in on what you want.  Simply use the LIST or MAP of over 200 recommended restaurants to search for great places where you want to eat. You can search by key word, cuisine, neighborhood or rating.  Right click/open in a tab on the reservation link that is in each restaurant profile to see what is available.  You can search across all the different reservation apps – but only look at places you want to visit!!!