Week in Review – 8/2/20

Image: Jeanloup Sieff, Le Café de Flore (c) (1975).

There was more news out and about in the dining world than on our site this week.  Let’s get to it.

Restaurant Status Updates:

Brothers & Sisters – This place reopened in the lobby of the Line Hotel.  It operates in conjunction with the Cafe Spoken, which appears to be using the Spoken English kitchen for a Japanese cafe.

Mola – The underrated Spanish spot in Mt. Pleasant is taking August off, starting tomorrow.

Masseria – Opens for dine-in service at the end of this week.

Oyster Oyster – The team behind Estadio teamed up with Chef Rob Rubba for a largely vegetarian menu.  It is now open.

Rose’s Luxury  – we missed that Rose’s opened for dine-in service.

Other News:

Two news stories seemed to drop like bombs this week on the D.C. dining scene.  First, the drama, conflict, and all around mess surrounding the departure of Chef Kevin Tien from Emilie’s and the dubious conduct of the investors.  Barred in DC did some yeoman’s work keeping tabs on it.

Second, in a surprisingly little-covered move, Tom Cunanan is leaving Bad Saint.  He will continue to consult.  The rest of the talented team remains in place.

The wine bar on U Street from Sebastian Zutant and friends is changing its name after stepping in it.

And signs of resilience: Call Your Mother opened in Georgetown.  We are sure the rats have been very patient for this.  And All Purpose Shaw is doing a long-term weekend deli pop-up.

Finally, two stories about the impact of the crisis on those working in the service industry.  Laura Hayes did a piece on those who are leaving or taking a break from the work.  Hayes’s piece was somewhat hopeful.  Less hopeful is the piece in today’s Post.


Which is a way of saying, keep supporting the places that you love and the people that sustain those places.  Tip big.  Wear a mask – for them as much as for you.  Don’t be a jerk.

We will keep updating our dining guide so you can track who is open, closed and doing what. We have 300 restaurants in D.C. listed. You can search by LIST or MAP.  And you can sort by status, neighborhood, and/or cuisine.

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