Week in Review – 8/15/2021

Image: Suzy Parker in a fashion photo by Georges Dambier (Paris, 1955). Via We Had Faces Then.

We are back from the summer pause, and to those that enjoy strange quotes on top of old pictures we are here for you.  For those of you looking for insights into the D.C. dining scene and recommendations for where to eat – that’s what we were made for!  So read on for this week’s recap of activity on our site and other news.

Updates to the Recommended Restaurant List


Dauphine’s – A purpose-built venue to pay homage to New Orleans cuisine has become a stage for Chef Kristen Essig’s take on the that tradition.

Leni – Salads, toasts, and other day-dining options with a few twists in the Roost.

Slice Joint – Sitting right next to Leni in the Roost complex, they serve up a really good NYC-style slice.

Status Change:

Central is shut down for the rest of summer.  They say they are doing renovations and hope to open after Labor Day sometime.

Other News

The biggest news is the need to protect against the Delta Variant.  Masks and proof of vaccines are now a part of dining out. Barred in DC and Laura Hayes are keeping track of who is requiring proof of vaccine.  Hayes also reports that implementation is not going that bad – proving yet again that Twitter is not real life. The best option is just bring proof no matter what.  That of course requires getting vaccinated, but we assume, dear reader, that you have already done that.

Paola Velez is stepping down as pastry chef at Maydan and Compass Rose to continue her work on bringing change to a broken industry.  We wish her the best and encourage you to look for opportunities to support her when she announces her project(s).

Bombay Club got an overhaulDaru finally opens at the end of H Street. Bistro Bohem’s replacement concept is in place (it’s Italian).  And The Gibson is back.

Maxwell Park Shaw got a new chef, and the brought in some other talent as well to backfill for departures over the summer of some of the original crew.

High on the Hog gets a second season, which is good because we got to the end of Season One and it felt like the middle.


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Stay cool, stay safe. Get the jab and bring a mask.  Tip big and don’t be a jerk to the staff.