Week in Review – 5/8/2022

Image: Ronald Colman (1935).

Michelin adds and drops stars. A restaurant group in D.C. dropped delivery services. The economy continues to drop hints, but not clear messages. That’s Right! It is time for our weekly recap of activity on our site and other dining news.

Updates to D.C. Recommended Restaurant Guide

La Jambe – We checked in on La Jambe. The Shaw wine bar was on our list already, but has refreshed the food menu. All to the good.

D.C. Dining News

Dropped: The EatWell Restaurant group (which is centered around 14th and P), announced they are discontinuing the option for delivery. They still offer take-out as an option but say that rising food prices and delivery app fees pushed them to discontinue delivery.

Leaders: The last few tumultuous years revealed much. There are those that shrank and shirked, but there are many that led. In D.C., a group of leaders emerged to highlight the richness of the Asian-American Pacific-Islander culture and stand up to the violence and hate targeting those in that community. This week HBO sponsored an event that showcased short films by Asian Pacific American Visionaries with proceeds to going to Chefs Stopping AAPI Hate.

Michelin: First we must acknowledge that we were wrong. We didn’t think Michelin would be able to understand why Oyster Oyster deserved a star, but they did. Second, we have been critical of Michelin and continue to have criticisms, but this week we join in congratulating all those who were recognized. Apropos of Oyster Oyster, Rob Rubba had a long IG post that captures just how powerful the Guide is when it comes to conveying a sense of accomplishment and what it can mean to validate those who are challenging the status quo.

Other News

The Emerging Economy: While inflation continues and GDP took a step back in the first quarter, the jobs market remains on fire. People are leaving their jobs, new job openings are at record levels, and wages continue to rise – though not as fast as inflation. “U.S. employers posted a record 11.5 million job openings in March, and some 4.5 million Americans quit or changed positions, matching previous highs, reflecting continued strength in the rapidly growing labor market, where workers continue to have the upper hand. Meanwhile, the number of new hires — 6.7 million — remained steady, according to a report released Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.”

Emerging Farming: The Times profiles a professor, in the Science section, trying to mainstream the idea of regenerative agriculture by “developing an even playing field, making sure these new crops are treated the same way as commodity crops.”

Art: We post about art on Saturdays around here. Two years ago we focused on the still life as it intersected with the world of food. The Times, in the Arts Section, has a piece that goes deep on one of the great still lifes.


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