Week in Review – 12/1/19

Image: Jean Harlow

Things slowed down this past week both on the website and in D.C. dining news. Here is the recap, starting with additions to our dining guide.

Updates to Recommended Restaurant List:


Charcoal Town – this unassuming shawarma spot a half block north of U Street is worth the walk out of the way for a visit.


minibar – One big review this week.  Normally, we do not review a place based on one visit, but when that place is minibar we make an exception.   This spot, which is a Michelin 2 star and #1 in the Washingtonian last year, is insanely expensive.  It is also a unique, immersive experience.  With caveats that this place is not meant for everyone, for those for whom it is intended with think it is splurge worthy.


Thanksgiving holiday slowed the pace of news.  Laura Hayes did an interesting article about the warning signs that a restaurant may be on the cusp of closing.  Using her guide to red flags, there are a few places that I would not be surprised to see give up the ghost of Christmas future in the coming weeks.

One place that did close, in an abrupt and jerk move to employees, was the La Tasca Spanish spot in Chinatown.  It was not on our recommended list.

As for ghosts of Christmas past, Mike Isabella resurfaced in Florida.

If you have visitors coming into to town for the holidays and need to find a place to eat, check out our dining guide.  There are more than 200 places that you can sort by cuisine, neighborhood, and/or rating!  In both MAP or LIST format.

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