Week In review – 10/25/20

Image: André Kertész. Café du Dôme, Winter Morning, Paris, (1928).

There are parallels between the change in seasons and the restaurant world. Like the plants that fade after summer, there are restaurants that are being pulled out by their roots. There are some that have hopefully taken preparations to get through the coming winter frost. Finally, there are some that have planted seeds in the hopes of blossoming in the spring. With that poor poetic waxing, we update things in the D.C. dining scene, starting with updates to our recommended restaurant list.

Changes to the Recommended List:

Back from Closed:

Central – they took off the late summer and promised to return in October, and they did!

1789 – the Georgetown mainstay remains closed to dining, but keeps expanding its market sales, adding Thanksgiving dinner options

Fiola – Fabio’s flagship comes back with a rooftop dining option, hopefully with sufficient heating to last deep into the autumn.

minibar/barmini – Jose’s flagship is doing a limited menu in the barmini space that recalls the early days in Cafe Atlantico.


Kith & Kin – the groundbreaking spot the Wharf closed earlier this month, but quickly snagged Kevin Tien to take over the space with his new project.

Oval Room – From the website, it appears they will close up to relaunch something else later on. Chef Brian Moscatello brought this place back to life and we hope we are able to keep him around.


Eater did a much-needed look at food insecurity during the twin crises of public health and economics.

Ghost kitchens seem to be the wave of the third wave.

Prost takes over the Silo space.

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