Updates and ICYMI. Also, Spring is Near

Picture: Still Life with Asparagus and Red Currants – 1696.  Oil on Canvas. Adriaen Coorte (Dutch, active 1683 – 1707)


In addition to the recent additions of Seylou Bakery and Officina to the 17° Cork by Northwest list of 200+ recommended restaurants, we have a couple other updates.  We are adding two outposts of places already on the list:

Boqueria – Chinatown:  The NYC-based chain opened a second location in sleek digs.  They claim the location is Penn Quarter, but it is closer to City Center than Pennsylvania Ave.  I’ve yet to visit this location, but adding as a placeholder based on the solid work done at the Dupont location over the years.  It is worth taking the walk a few blocks from Gallery Place, and even from the Archives/Navy Memorial/Penn Quarter stop.

Duke’s Counter: A smaller-scale version of the Dupont’s Duke’s Grocery, with beer, sun and sandwiches. Across from the Zoo, and halfway between Woodley and Cleveland Park. Worth taking a walk to get there from either direction.

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A few other things to flag and ICYMI:

A reminder that you should always tip 20%. Including wine.

Is Opentable really this evil? (This was the rabbit hole I went down from the chef-on-chef contretemps)

Maura Judkis of the Post did a great profile of the new San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic Soleil Ho.

Ho dispensed with dispensing stars, I make the case the Post should follow her lead.

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