Update: Teaism Added to 17° Recommended List

Picture:  Cherry Blossom Creative’s distinct and beloved neighborhood maps.  They  have a brick & mortar shop at 2128 8th Street NW (Atlantic Plumbing Bldg).  Online Shop.

Today Tom Sietsema opened his review of the new restaurant in the Dupont Circle Hotel, the Pembroke, with a pot shot at dining in Dupont.  He said essentially there is a dearth of good options.  Succumbing to the twitter impulse, I shot back that this site has 26 places it can recommend in Dupont – including two places with Michelin stars! As much as his comment ticked me off, it reminded me that I have not updated a couple items. Now there are 28 places on the recommended list in Dupont.

Teaism – Before “fast-casual” was a phrase thrown about with such ease, Michelle Brown and Linda Neumann opened a place evocative of a Japanese tea house.  I know Teaism serves other things, but since they opened in 1996 I think I’ve gotten a bento box nearly every time.  They have two other locations, one near the White House and one in Penn Quarter.  The newer locations don’t have the same worn charm, but they all have the Salty Oat Cookies. As we build out the fast casual list, this is one of the originals. Worth taking a walk out of your way.

Chiko – The phenomenal spot on Capitol Hill, which was already on the list, now has a new branch in Dupont.  List updated to add the new spot.  It is worth paying for a cab to get to, but now it is a short couple blocks from a Metro stop.