Update: New Little Sesame Open!

Photo from Little Sesame

Two quick updates today to 17° Cork by Northwest, we add new branches of places already on our list of recommend restaurants.  To find this place and other great places to eat in Washington, D.C., check out our site.  We have 200 plus recommended restaurants displayed in both LIST and MAP format.


Little Sesame – Chinatown:  The beloved hummus bowl fast casual place (which not that long ago was a tiny underground spot) adds a second location in Chinatown today!  Expect long lines and many smiles.

La Jambe – Union Market: The airy and cute corner wine bar in Shaw added a counter spot in Union Market recently.   Sure, Union Market has wine, and cheese, and meats, and bread – but at one spot where you can sit and have them all?  Problem solved.

Also in case you missed it: Our next batch of reviews is rolling out this week and next.  First up: The Red Hen.