Picture: Beef Tartare at Hazel

Last Updated: April 2023

Hazel closed and will not reopen in this location.

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Before Times Review:

Hazel – It was sad news when Chef Rob Rubba departed Hazel.  Under his guidance the kitchen put out some startling good dishes and created a buzz for the place.  Now, patience has rewarded us with two bits of good news.  First, Rubba is working on a new project that will be brought to fruition later this year.  Second, Hazel took its time but found a talented chef, Robert Curtis, to take over.  Curtis has now put his more Mediterranean menu in place, and it is very good.  The literal centerpiece of the menu are various spreads served with puffy discs of laffa bread.  The carrot spread was surprisingly flavorful with notes of sweet, savory, garlic and a little crispness.  The red pepper aioli served with the lamb sausage was not intended as a spread, but the group mopped it up as if it was.  The wine list does not seem as adventurous as it used to be, but remains solid.  The cocktails are still good, as is the service.  Also unchanged is the space, including ample outdoor seating.  Hazel’s star dimmed with Rubba’s departure, but it is getting some of its luster back under Curtis.  It is worth a trip out of your way.