The Duck and The Peach

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Last Updated: September 2021

Current Status: Open Weds-Sun.  Day café from 9:00 – 3:00.  Dinner at 5:30.  Ample outdoor seating and spacious indoor seating.  Take-out and delivery also available.

Overview: The Duck and The Peach is back-to-back with Italian neighborhood spot La Collina, and they share the same kitchen and chef and owner (there is also a newly-opened gin joint).  Of the two places The Duck and The Peach is the more serious, but it still remains relaxed and family friendly.  The food is California-style New American, and it is done very well, including the namesake dish.  The menu is not long and reflects a commitment to good and seasonal sourcing. The roast chicken is a year-round staple, but one can expect dishes like ratatouille to come and go.  The day café menu starts with egg sandwiches and baked goods and rolls over to sandwiches (including chicken salad – no surprise) and salads.

The kitchen also has seen turnover.  A consulting chef helped shape the opening menu but the first head chef has already moved on, replaced by Katarina Petonito, who has worked in noted kitchens around town, including St. Anselm.  St. Anselm’s kitchen is, of course, headed by Marjorie Meek-Bradley, who rose to prominence at another excellent, neighborhood-y, New American spot, Ripple (maybe we are reading too much into this, but stay with us here).  Ripple allowed each of its successive chefs to put their own stamp on the menu.  The Duck and the Peach seems to be following a similar script of allowing Petonito to add her touch to the menu.  It is easy to think of this as a place that is both comforting and interesting and worthy of trips back to enjoy through the year to see the developments.  Like Ripple and New Heights, it might become the kind of place that launches talented young chefs on their way.

The wine list is also American heavy – though not exclusively – and it is far from the predictable selections.  Whoever put it together seems to be having fun with it and we suggest you play along.  Service on our visit was charming, if not completely polished.  22% is added to each check automatically that “goes directly to payroll and benefits” of the team.  They have split the QR code/menu baby with a plastic encased standup version of the menu (that can be reused and wiped down) and QR codes.

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Cuisine: New or Old American
Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
Address: 300 7th St SE, Washington, DC 20003
Reservations: Tock

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