Saturday in the Theater with Ofra

Image: Writer/actress Ofra Daniel and musician Ali Paris.

On Saturdays, we like to divert from discussion of food and wine to the world of art.  Typically that is painting, especially painting about food. This weekend, instead, we highlight a musical.  “Love Sick” is currently running at Theater J through September 29th.

The story centers on an Israeli housewife who is trapped in a stale marriage to a fishmonger.  She becomes unsettled with passion when a unseen stranger starts sending her love poems.  Her mysterious Cyrano employs the language of the Song of Songs.

The story is based on an ancient text but completely original.  It is erotic but not salacious.  The music is also original and based on the traditional music of the region.  Palestinian zither player/singer Ali Paris evokes the lover as imagined by the wife.  Pertinent to this site, there are many food metaphors with pomegranates getting lots of love.

The work is written by Ofra Daniel.  She plays the wife in the production, bringing a personal interpretation of her own work.

It also runs only 90 minutes, so you can go to dinner before or after!  Looking for spots that might serve that late in the area, check out our D.C. dining guide.  You can sort dining establishments by cuisine, neighborhood, and/or rating. In both MAP or LIST format.