Saturday in the Museum with Yakov

Image: Yakov Vassilevich Kirichek, Fisherman (1950s).

This year, our weekend posts about the intersection of art and food have focused on where food comes from. The fields and farmers, livestock and those that handle it. Another theme that we have taken up is Ukraine, during this time when it is defending its homeland. The Ukrainian flag literally incorporates the color scheme of golden fields of grain beneath a blue sky.

For today’s post we shift slightly to the south and its coastal region. This painting is by Yakov Kirichek. The internets offered up little background other than this:

“Yakov Vassilevich Kirichek (1925 – 2000) was born in Odessa in 1925. Graduated from the Odessa Art College in 1953. Exhibited since 1953. Participated in Republican and All-Union exhiibitions. Member of the Union of Artists. Active in Odessa. His paintings can be found in Ukrainian National Art Museum and Odessa Art Museum and Gallery.”

Best wishes this holiday season. If you would like to help those suffering in Ukraine, there are several links here – and many of the organizations listed also do work in other troubled spots around the world. There is also World Central Kitchen that has been providing relief since the very beginning. For the Italians, we hope the nets come back full to complete the Feast of the Seven Fishes.


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