Saturday in the Museum with Paul II

Image: Paul Cézanne, Dish of Apples (c. 1876-77)

For our weekend sojourn to the world of art, especially art that focuses on food – after all we are dining guide most days of the week, we continue looking at still lifes. This week is another Cézanne. It dates to about a decade after last week’s. The style is progressing to what we know as the iconic still lifes. This painting, Dish of Apples, is in the collection of the Met. They provide the following description:

“This rich and dense still life, featuring a napkin shaped like Mont Sainte-Victoire, was painted about 1876–77 in the house of Cézanne’s father in Aix. The decorative screen visible in the background was long thought to have been made by the artist in his youth.”

They also note that this was one of the first three still lifes exhibited by Cézanne in 1877.


While museums are largely closed to the public, we would plant the seed to think about gifts that help the most hard hit places that we love. We beat the drum for restaurants – and gift cards are great for the holidays. Museum purchases, donations, and memberships also are a great idea. There are so many institutions and places – museums, small shops, bars, restaurants, live music venues – as well as people like artists, musicians and bartenders that are bearing the economic brunt of this public health crisis. The vaccine may be on the way, but they need to survive through the winter. Consider giving to a place you love. Also food banks, because restaurants are optional but eating is not.

If you live in D.C., we have a whole list of restaurants that you can order from. Tip big. Wear a mask.

Happy Holidays.