Saturday in the Museum with Gustav

Image: Gustav Klimt, Poppy Field 1907. © Belvedere, Vienna

For our weekly art post, we turn to an artist better known for paintings of passion than of nature.

Gustav Klimt’s Poppy Field 1907 is the in the collection of the Belvedere in Vienna, which also has in it’s collection his most famous work, The Kiss. The Belvedere’s own history is intertwined with that of the Vienna artists of the Secession movement and modernism.

This painting was one of a recurring theme of landscapes that began when he started summering at upper Austrian region near the lake of Attersee in 1900.

Those of us of a certain age may remember a novelty song on the old Dr. Demento show in which the hero is tempted to just lay down in a field of poppies (at 6:30). “I’d rather have this bottle in front than a frontal lobotomy!”


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