Saturday in the Museum with Francesco

Image: Francesco da Ponte, Winter (Butcher) (between 1585 and 1590).

We sneak in this art post between two long weekends and at a time when the first real bite of winter is felt here in D.C. Sticking with our theme this year (which is almost over!) of where food comes from, we return to meat.

Winter (Butcher) is by Francesco da Ponte, who also used the last name Bassano and is sometimes referred to Francesco the Younger, to distinguish him from his grandfather. This work is in the Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, though currently not on display. As the name implies it was one of a series that da Ponte did of the four seasons.

Da Ponte, was a third generation artist who worked in the workshop of his family. His father, Jacopo was the most celebrated of the family. Jacopo’s most gifted son was Francesco, who “set up an independent and highly profitable practice in Venice, receiving important commissions in the Doge’s palace and supplying pictures based on or inspired by his father’s work.”


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