Saturday in the Museum with Edouard

Image: “Plum Brandy” by Edouard Manet, (c. 1877). Gift of Mr. Paul Mellon, 1971.

On Saturdays, we like to highlight something from the world of art related to food, Washington, or whatever we think would be fun to highlight.

One of the extraordinary things about major museums is that their collections can be so large there is not enough room on the walls to show all that it possesses at one time.  There are works that will always be displayed, some that may never be displayed, and some that rotate through or are incorporated into a special exhibit.

This work is from the collection of the National Gallery, but not on display.  It is part of the legacy of the Mellon family, whose initial funding and donations are the cause and core of the museum.  Note the whole plum in the brandy and the cigarette.