Saturday in the Museum with Alex

Image: Alex Katz, Blueberry Field (1955).

For our weekly art post we return to the theme of where food comes from. Consistent with the season, we have found a painting of a blueberry field.

The painting is by Alex Katz, a notable post-war American artist. Katz was born in 1927, and amazingly lived to see a major exhibit of his in 2017. The Cleveland Museum of Art, one of the participating museums, describes Katz’s work from this era: “Creating work at a time when abstract painting dominated the art scene, Katz forged an ingenious way to wed abstraction with recognizable imagery by paring down his compositions to their most fundamental elements. In retrospect, these works prefigured the subsequent development of Pop Art.” The exhibit was organized by Colby College Museum of Art, with which Katz has a long-standing relationship. This painting appears to be in the artist’s personal collection. If you are truly interested, Katz is represented by the Gladstone Gallery.

This piece is admittedly not easily identifiable as a work about blueberries. Its abstract nature means it is barely recognizable as a field. But it highlights one of the wonders of nature. While the fruit arrives at market a deep purplish blue, fields of blueberries can be a brilliant red.


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