Recommend Restaurant List – Update 2/18/19

Over the weekend we did some housekeeping.  We also did a deep dive/breakdown of the 2019 Washingtonian Top 100 list that we will be putting out in a series of posts in the coming days.

Added to List: With all the various spreadsheets of data we compiled, three places somehow fell out when we went live.  Adding them now to the LIST and MAP of recommended restaurants:

Sally’s Middle Name – White tile design and woke vibe provide the setting.  Interesting small plates – veggies are especially good – often with some kick.  Eclectic drinks.  Rating: Worth Taking a Walk (Very Good).
Osteria Morini – This place fell off my radar. Went back last year to find it had upped its game and is probably better than when it opened.  Good wine list, good food, good service, great spot. Rating: Worth Taking a Walk (Very Good) – if the next visit is as good as the last, it may get bumped up one more notch to Worth Paying for Cab (Excellent).
Ivy City Smokehouse – A big upstairs space in the industrial development of Ivy City.  It can get pretty loud when the crowd gets going.  The food is also pretty vibrant. Smoked fish is the centerpiece, and they take that very seriously.  A crowd pleasing place that justifiably draws a crowd. Rating: Worth Taking a Walk (Very Good).

On the REVIEWS page, we updated the links to reflect the new Washingtonian Top 100 for 2019 rankings: Bresca (#22), Centrolina (#15), and Tail Up Goat (#5).  Washingtonian’s #1 spot went to minibar.  They capitalized it.

Last, a minor update: Convivial changed its reservation app to Resy from Opentable.  Staying on top of changing reservation websites may be the biggest challenge for the site.

Picture is taken from the Osteria Morini website.