Pi, Pie, Pizza, 3.14

Photo: Enzo the Baker at All Purpose

In honor of International Pi Day here are 3 short lists:

List 1: Recommended Restaurants on our list doing well by Pizza (Pies):

  1. Pizzeria Paradiso
  2. Menomale
  3. All Purpose
  4. Etto
  5. 2 Amys
  6. Comet Ping Pong
  7. Ghibellina
  8. Il Canale

List 2:  Best Pie Flavor:

  • Blueberry

List 3.14: 3 cool places to check out on 14th Street on a sunny day:

Garden District – BBQ and Beer in the sun

Le Diplomate – Fromage and French 75s in the sun.

Radiator – Outdoor seating and great cocktails, one block off 14th.