Mariscos 1133

Image: Ceviche of your dreams.

Last Updated: June 2022

Current Status: Open for Dine-in, with indoor and outdoor (covered) seating.  Since opening they have added reservations.  Since Tom put them at the top of his Spring Dining Guide, reservations are essentially required.  Google says they do take-out and delivery, The Post says take-out only, but there are no links. 


The menu descriptions for dishes here do not do justice to the talented cooking and popping spices that comes with every dish we’ve tried.  The Ceviche Vuelve a la Vida, with assorted pieces of fish, and shellfish is in a red, smokey, peppery sauce with a touch of sweetness that tempts one to slurp it with a spoon.  The shrimp tacos dressed with sauce and guacamole is creamy and tangy played off against the mild sweetness of the whole shrimp – squeeze the end of the taco to keep it from spilling out.  The Parrillada of grilled meat and shrimp is a bounty of variety.  Chef Alfredo Solis’s beans and rice have always stood out since a first visit to El Sol years ago, the same remains true here. 

Chef Solis and his sister Jessica are behind a string of very good to insanely good spots, including the aforementioned El Sol, plus Anafre and Mezcalero in Columbia Heights.  Mariscos draw on a bigger palate than just the Mexican cuisine of those places, and it is also perhaps his strongest menu showcasing a full arsenal of skills. Raw, stewed, grilled, fried, creamy, spicy, smokey, juicy, and more.  Sometimes it is all brought together in a single dish with fresh ingredients and careful preparation.

The attention extends to the beverage list that includes in-house cocktails, beer (draught and can), a range of non-alcoholic choices, and a pretty sizable wine list.  The place was initially envisioned as a spot to hang out.  They had no reservation system.  Then they got crushed.  Our visits, even on odd nights have found the place humming.  Perhaps the initial buzz will wear off, and then you can sample from the drinks menu over the aromas of the dishes with a casual attitude.  But, for now, this food is just too good to sit around and lounge.

Other Guidance:  GF have many options, vegetarians have to pick around a little, though pescatarians also do well. The place is neighborhood casual.  Shorts and t-shirts are not out of place.  The Post accessibility write-up: Accessibility: No barriers at entrance, but the interior is snug; two tables are designated for wheelchair users, who have access to an ADA-compliant restroom.


Cuisine: Mexican/Central American
Neighborhood: Mt. Vernon/Convention Center
Address: 1133 11th St NW, Washington, DC 20001
Reservations: Resy

Other Critics/Voices:

Washington Post: Tom’s review was a rave. He also listed it as #1 in his 2022 Spring Dining Guide of new places.

Washingtonian: No coverage since opening. – no thread yet