Lucky Buns

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Last Updated: July 2022

Current Status: Original location open for sit-down service.  Delivery and Take-out available through apps.


Lucky Buns starts with fundamentals and a narrow focus.  The menu is essentially limited to burgers and fried chicken sandwiches made well employing good ingredients.  From that foundational point it then gets a little crazy with the variations.  The default is double patty usually with Gouda cheese, and the stacks are impressive when assembled.  They are juicy, cheesy, messy, the kind of burger that you may not put down once you pick it up.  The variations can include the Alfie (with pineapple, pickled beetroot, runny egg and more) or the Bogan Bun (Gouda, bacon XO jam, lucky sauce, pickles, grilled red onion, arugula).  The chicken sandwiches are led by the Hot Tiger that use Sichuan peppercorn spice paste to build up a play on the Nashville Hot, and the Mumbo bun with Thai chili Mumbo sauce.  Thick fries topped in multiple ways (curry sauce, green chili queso, romesco, and more) are available and best to share.  Pickles, sauces and spreads are made in house

While the food is a big draw the vibe has a pull as well. From the beginning the original spot has had a strong beverage program – cocktails in particular – and tunes to sustain an energy.  The kitchen is open late on weekends, and over the years they have hosted pop-ups.  Chef Alex McCoy has picked up influences from multiple stops and trips around the globe.  He especially loves Thai food which he will feature from time-to-time (he was behind a short-lived place called Alfie’s and the Som Tam food stall in Union Market).  He made his mark as the opening chef for the British-accented spot Duke’s Grocery in Dupont.  He has a knack for finding food to match a jovial mood.

One final note, Lucky Buns is starting to become something of a chain. They have a stall in the main hall at Union Market, a spot at Fell’s Point, Baltimore, and one in London. They are about to open a large spot in the Phase 2 section of The Wharf.

Other Guidance:  The spot is very casual.  The burgers or sandwiches can be converted to a salad.  There is a vegetarian option with a lentil mushroom veggie patty. 

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Cuisine: New and Old American


Adams Morgan (Original): 2000 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009
Union Market (Main Hall): 1309 5th St NE, Washington, DC 20002
The Wharf (Coming Soon): 675 Wharf Street Southwest, Washington, DC
Baltimore (Fells Point): 918 1/2 S. Wolfe St, Baltimore, MD 21231
London: No. 23 Charlotte St, London W1T 1RL


Other Critics/Voices:

Washington Post:  Carman said nice things. Honorable Mention for Top Casual Spots in 2019.

Washingtonian: Made Top 100 list, #48 in 2020; #84 in 2019; Preview.  

Barred in DC: Made both the Burger and Chicken Sandwich best of list for D.C. Gold Tier stuff.