DC Wine Shops – Calvert Woodley

Photo:  “A Ridge Not Too Far” – the wall of wine at Calvert Woodley.

We’ve been developing a collection of great wine shops in D.C.  This week we highlight a shop in Van Ness that needs no more attention.

Calvert Woodley – This is the beast of booze in D.C.  The indispensable PoPville declared Calvert Woodley to be the best liquor store in the city.  It is difficult to argue with that rank, especially when it comes to distilled spirits.  Both on variety, scale and price there is no better place to buy 40 proof bottles.  It is also very strong when it comes to wine (though I think MacArthur claims the “best” title for wine shop).  The wine section almost always has at least two staff on hand to help.  It covers nearly every region and country, and is very strong on California, Bordeaux and Burgundy.  It is thinner in some other regions though.  Prices are good and there are weekly specials to keep an eye out for.  While you can drop in to buy a single bottle, this is the kind of place where you go for the case discount and throw in a bottle of single malt.  Calvert Woodley is a great shop for those living near that stretch of Connecticut and for those who might have to drive a little farther to get there.

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