D.C. Wine Shops – Magruder’s in Chevy Chase

Image: “Italian, French, German…” Old school signage and faux grapes at Magruder’s

We have been surveying the landscape for good neighborhood wine shops in Washington, D.C.  This week we highlight a place located just before the Chevy Chase Circle at the top of Connecticut.

Magruder’s – The sign says it has been in business since 1875.  The interior looks to date from about 1975.  Approaching from the parking lot in the rear, you might think it is a grocery store with a wine section.  In reality, it is a large liquor store and grocery store in adjoining spaces.   The stock targets the Chevy Chase demographic with lots of good, everyday wine in the $15-25 range and a few nice things from each country.  It covers a lot of geography well.  The spirits section is large.  The fortified wine choices – Sherry, Port, Madeira – are more numerous than one might expect.  Staff are engaging and seem to know their customers well.  This is a classic shop integrated into the fabric of the neighborhood.  If you live near there, you have probably already found this place.  If not, it is worth checking out.

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Parking available in back.