Connecticut Ave Wine and Liquor – A Great Neighborhood Shop

Picture:  Packed in tight

Another in a series of posts about DC’s best wine shops.

Connecticut Ave Wine and Liquor – This store goes by a few different names: We’ve heard it called Connecticut (Ave), that place by the Dupont Metro, and Bobby’s.  Bobby is the owner, taking over the shop over a decade ago.  From the outside it looks like a standard issue liquor store with promotional material from various producers, located next to Kramerbooks.  Inside it looks like a standard liquor store, with bargain wines up front along with beer.  Walk a few feet in, however, and look closer.  This shop packs a great selection into a small space.  It covers entry-level and mid-range well, with some higher end stuff also available.  If you are looking for a bottle to take to a party, to have with weeknight dinner, or to give as a gift, then this is the place.  It carries a pretty broad selection of New World, Bordeaux, Rhone, Italy, and Spain.  Burgundy, Germany and Austria are represented, but not to the same degree.  The mark-up is about standard for the city, maybe a dollar extra on some bottles.  Bobby knows his selection and might have something tucked away to fit the bill.  So don’t be thrown off by the image from the outside, this is a serious wine shop.